NorCal Veterinary Services | New Website
January 2020

OverviewSee Live Website

In the consultation, I was told that the client would like a new, modern website made as their current site had not been updated since the company started.

The Process

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Creating
NorCal Veterinary Services Homepage

I came up with a design which used the green that they were using in their logo. The header took time to get right - with a bit of CSS styling, I managed to get the look that I was going for. I made sure that this header was 100% responsive after making these changes.

NorCal Veterinary Services Mobile Header

The main task of the site is to get in contact with the veterinary company. Therefore, my main goal was to make that process as simple as possible for the user. The contact page displays the 2 branches, along with a live "Open" or "Closed" tag to indicate if the branch is currently open.

I added large buttons coloured with the brand green that allows the user to quickly call, email or get directions to each branch of the vet.

NorCal Veterinary Services Contact Page


Services Page Template

I created a template for the service pages. This ensures that the user experience is as simple as possible. All of these pages included high-quality header images. All of the images on the site were optimised to help keep the site as fast as possible.

Simplistic Message on Services Page

Again, referencing back to a previous point, the main goal is to get the user to get in contact with a veterinary branch. The page has all the required information, and there is a very clear call-to-action at the bottom to help funnel the user straight to the contact page. This button is essential to keeping the site constantly focusing on getting the user in contact with a vet branch.

Meet The Team Section

This section is positioned right below the landing page. In the consultation with the client, we discussed about what their customers value about them. Their customers get assigned a specific vet - this helps build up a good client to customer relationship. We decided to keep a meet-the-team section in the new website and give it a modern touch.

Team Member - More Info

This section also allowed the customer to take a deeper look into their assigned vet - and they could also get in contact with their vet directly if needed.

Newsletter Page Farmer Meeting Page Useful Links Page

This section helps condense down a few separate sections that the client had on their previous website. It helps keep the new website clean and easy to use. The media hub includes 3 main sections: Farmer Meetings, Newsletters and Useful Links.